About Us   

Vijay Aivalli
Sales Representative
Mobile: 416-220-2892
Bus: vaivalli@sutton.com

With 20 years of experience selling and buying property in the Greater Toronto Area, Vijay Aivalli’s commitment, drive, and passion for real estate is perfect for matching each client’s desires for their dream home, as well as expertly featuring a home’s unique features and characteristics.

Born and raised in India with 20 years experience as a General Sales Manager, Vijay understands the secrets behind marketing and focusing his talents to each individual client. His expertise spans the many different property types, from luxurious residential homes all the way to mini condominiums, as well as the wide price ranges within real estate transactions.

An active and connected community volunteer within Mississauga and the rest of the GTA and via IIT Alumni Canada, Vijay is confident that his thorough knowledge of the area, as well as the culture and diversity of the people within them, will assure that his clients find the perfect home for their family. His engineering background is an added asset.